Celebrity Pizza Favourites: Toppings the Stars Love


Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Whether it’s a thin, crispy crust or a deep, delicious dish, there is no denying that globally, our love for this cheesy delight knows no bounds.

Celebrities are commonly known for their lavish lifestyles and love for fast cars, expensive watches, and designer clothes. But some celebs are also known for their passion for good pizza. In this blog, we’ll discuss the ins and outs (toppings and bases) of well-known celebrities, from Jennifer Lawrence to Kate Middleton – some more traditional than others.

Will you and your favourite celebrity share the same pizza love interest? Read on to find out…

Jennifer Lawrence

Few A-listers are as vocal about their love and passion for food as Jennifer Lawrence – safe to say she loves food, especially pizza! Jen’s favourite ‘Chilli Pizza’ is not a ‘classic’ or even one you may find in a pizza restaurant; it’s all her own creation. Jennifer likes to eat her pizza in a sandwich form – she takes a slice of Margherita and tops it with noodles and chilli before adding another slice of Margherita on top. This unusual creation may not be for everyone, but Jennifer Lawrence swears by it.1

Rory Mcllroy

Irish golfer Rory McIlroy is known for being a former world number one in the official World Golf Ranking, having spent over 100 weeks in the position during his career. Mcclroy is a household name in the UK, but his love for pizza is further ashore in Canada, birthplace of the Hawaiian pizza. This simple but often controversial pizza is the golfer’s favourite – a slice of cheese and tomato with a heaping of pineapple on top.3

Ed Sheeran

Everyone’s favourite ginger, Ed Sheeran, wows the globe with his mainstream number-one songs but has a far from mainstream taste in pizza. The singer’s favourite pizza is two slices of margarita, stuffed with French fries and drenched in tomato ketchup – always Heinz!4

Kate Middleton

You may consider the British royal family too classy and sophisticated to relish tucking into an oozy, gooey, cheesy pizza, but the nation’s favourite princess, Kate Middleton, thoroughly enjoys it. Her choice of toppings includes prosciutto and sausage, and she even had a pizza delivered to hospital after giving birth to Prince George!5

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is known for his fiery temper in the kitchen; great entertainment for the viewers of his popular TV shows. This perfectionist loves creating traditional dishes that elevate basic, simple flavours and really bring them to life. Due to his passion for classic food and cooking, it is no surprise the celebrity chef’s pizza of choice is a classic Margherita.6


‘Queen Bey’, also known as Beyoncé, has long expressed her love for extremely spicy food, admitting she always carries hot sauce in her bag. So, it comes as no surprise that she also brings the heat when it comes to pizza. Beyoncé loves a Margherita with extra tomato sauce, a heaping of jalapenos, and a good guzzle of hot sauce all over to create the perfect spicy pizza pie.7

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has a unique love for food and often dedicates whole social media posts to extolling the virtues of her passions. Her typical order consists of cheese, cheese, and more cheese! Miley’s pizza heaven is an extra-large Margherita (the bigger, the better!) with quadruple cheese toppings.

What better way to connect with an A-list celebrity than recreating one of their most loved pizzas? From the classic Margherita to the more unusual chilli-stuffed sandwiched style, the choice is yours!



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